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Project Coordination

Project Coordination + Service = The Worx!

Project Coordination Services

Our team can offer more than installation services. The “Worx” is an additive, not competitive, approach to managing projects. With a transparent collaborative process, together we can define what resources are needed to make each unique project successful.

Project Coordination & Installation Management services can be an added resource when you need it. We can verify site readiness, building logistics scheduling dock times, attend construction meetings, and complete an internal punch list with you or your client. 

The key to creating any efficient and professional job environment is to have excellent management. We strive for this goal, which is why we staff experienced project managers to guide the process. Each job is unique, requiring time and attention to make sure all aspects run smoothly. We can assure you’ll have the full attention of our team during your project.

Project Coordination Services

Your assigned Project Manager will be your primary point of contact at ServiceWorx, providing personal service from start to finish.

  • Attend construction meetings
  • Receiving, Warehousing & Re-delivery
  • Incoming product tracking
  • Verify Building Logistics
  • Site Verification of Plans
  • Site Readiness
  • Schedule Dock Appointments
  • Punch Lists

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